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There are more than a thousand musical instruments in the world. Under the six main genres, each type has about three hundred different instruments under them. Interesting, isn’t it? And there are so many unique and exotic instruments that we don’t even know about like the castanets, bassoon, conga, glockenspiel, Nyckelharpa and Zhongdihu to mention some. Every country has their own set of musical instruments that fits their culture and tradition. And while some instruments are very popular and used too frequently, there are some which are intricate and employed seldom. So Kalimba is one such instrument and EasyKalimbaTabs.com is a page dedicated to this euphonious musical gizmo.

EasyKalimbaTabs.com is a webpage where you will get the Kalimba notes of all the popular and trending songs. The page is always up to date and posts one song tabs per day. The Kalimba tabs are provided in the Letter and Number notes format. As the name itself suggests, the tabs are very simple and easy and the beginners can pick them up in a jiffy. The tabs given here are both accurate and verified. Also a video tutorial is uploaded along the tabs so that the learners don’t face any difficulty while playing them. Excellent and reliable content with regularity is what makes this page the best among the rest.

Kalimba is a very unusual instrument. Owing its roots and history in Africa, Kalimba hails from the plucked idiophone and lamellaphones family. It is a specialised Mbira, which is made up of wood and has some metallic tines used for playing the notes. Kalimbas usually accompany percussion instruments and are played mainly in ceremonies and functions. This traditional instrument plays some sweet and refreshing music which is pure bliss to the ears. They have a clear chime-like timbre with a low volume and a moderate attack. They can be played very easily and effortlessly by everyone.

This beautiful musical instrument is the latest buzz now as more and more people are getting to know its charm, and so EasyKalimbaTabs.com is the perfect place where you will not only get the easy Kalimba tabs of your all-time favourite melodies but also will get more knowledge and information about this ethnic instrument. The page is efficient with its content and you can learn the notes of different tracks every-day. So check this marvellous page right now and get engrossed in an off the wall world with some quality music.