Easy: Harry Potter Kalimba Notes & Tabs

Are you a Potterhead? Do you even love everything about Harry and are gaga over him? Are you also obsessed with him and his world? Then here we present to you the Harry Potter Kalimba Notes. The Hedwig theme Kalimba notes and letters have been provided here. This legendary masterpiece is something that every true Potter fan knows by heart. Composed and penned down by the genius John Williams, this theme music has been covered on the different various instruments all over the world. The tabs have been provided here in the letter and notes format.

Harry Potter Kalimba Number Notes & Chords

3 (6 1) 1º 7 (6 1) 3º (4 2º) (5 7)
(6 1) 1º 7 (2 5) (6 1) (1 3)
3 (6 1) 1º 7 (6 1) 3º (5º 5) 4º (4 4º)
1º (6 4º) 3º (4 2º) 2 1º (6 1)
1º (3º 3) 1º (3º 5) 1º (6 4º) 3 (4 2º)
7 (1º 1) 3º (4 2º) 2 1º (6 1º)
1º (3º 3) 1º (3 5) 1º (5º 5) 4º (6 4º)
(1º 1) 4º 3º (4 2º) 2 1º (6 1)

Harry Potter Kalimba Letter Notes & Chords

E (A C) Cº B (A C) Eº (F Dº) (G B)
(A C) Cº B (D G) (A C) (C E)
E (A C) Cº B (A C) Eº (Gº G) Fº (F Fº)
Cº (A Fº) Eº (F Dº) D Cº (A C)
Cº (Eº E) Cº (Eº G) Cº (A Fº) E (F Dº)
B (Cº C) Eº (F Dº) D Cº (A Cº)
Cº (Eº E) Cº (E G) Cº (Gº G) Fº (A Fº)
(Cº C) Fº Eº (F Dº) D Cº (A C)

Kalimba is an exotic plucked instrument from the Mbira family and is quite similar to an idiophone. The Kalimba letters of the Harry Potter theme comprise mainly of E, A, C, B, G. The Kalimba number notes are 3, 6, 1, 7, 2, 5. The Kalimba tabs of Harry Potter are very easy and the beginners can play them effortlessly.

Video Tutorial

Harry Potter Theme Kalimba Tabs Tutorial by Sandrah Araja

Know More: Harry Potter is not just a fictional character. He is a part of us. He is amongst us. J. K. Rowling has indeed given us a valuable gift during our childhood and teenage days. Anything related to Potter is sacred for every Harry Potter lover and that is why this Hedwig theme is so precious and loved by us. The tune, the music and the video- everything is just divine. While we still dream and hope for the letter from Hogwards, here is the beautiful theme music of Harry Potter which you all can fluently play on the Kalimba and engross yourself in a world with Harry and his mates.

Song Credits

Title: Hedwig’s Theme
Artist: John Williams
Written by John Williams
Language: English