Best Kalimba Songs of All Time (Free Kalimba Tabs & Chords)

Kalimba is an exotic instrument which is a wonder in itself. Hailing from the plucked idiophone and llamelophone family, this wooden instrument sounds like a chime mesmerising each and every hearer. Accompanied with percussion instruments mostly, Kalimba was born in Africa but later found its charm spreading to the different nooks and crannies of the world. It is indeed a very simple musical instrument that can be played by anyone. So here we present to you a list of Kalimba songs and tutorial videos which will teach you how to play the Kalimba fluently. The Kalimba chords and tabs provided here are easy and elementary and the beginners and amateurs can master them in a jiffy. The Kalimba tabs provided here are in the number and notes format and you will not be facing any trouble at all while playing them.

With more than a hundred songs given here, you will find that the melodies have been compiled from different languages and genres. Be it the western classical masterpieces or the K-Pop chartbusters or your favourite Japanese anime’s soundtrack- you won’t suffer a dearth of songs. These easy Kalimba songs are nothing but enchanting and soothing and will cater to your each and every mood. From your college fest jam to a romantic date night, assorted melodies have been covered here for you to play them out and show off your skills to the world out there. So without any delay, check this curated list out made with love for you.

List of Popupar & Best Kalimba Songs

Song Name
Coffin Dance Kalimba Tabs
Avatar Kalimba Tabs
Bella Ciao Kalimba Tabs
A Thousand Years Kalimba Tabs
Araw Araw Kalimba Tabs
Demon Slayer Gurenge Kalimba Tabs
Fly Me To The Moon Kalimba Tabs
La Vie En Rose Kalimba Tabs
Mahen Pura Pura Lupa Kalimba Tabs
Harry Potter Kalimba Tabs
Doraemon Kalimba Tabs
My Heart Will Go On Kalimba Tabs
Heal The World Kalimba Tabs
Maroon5 Memories Kalimba Tabs
River Flows in You Kalimba Tabs
Beauty And The Beast Kalimba Tabs
Demon Slayer Kamado Tanjiro No Uta Kalimba Tabs
Hallelujah Kalimba Tabs
Ed Sheeran Perfect Kalimba Tabs
Bubblegum KK Kalimba Tabs
Psycho Red Velvet Kalimba Tabs
Game of Thrones Kalimba Tabs

Each and every musical instrument is magical. Like the piano or the guitar, the drums or the sitar- every instrument has its soulful and soothing vibe. And the Kalimba is another such bewitching musical gizmo whose euphonious sound will instantly give you some bliss and solace. The sweet music of this instrument is a pure delight to the ears and that’s why more and more people are keen on learning it over the years. And it is right here that we come at your service, providing you with a bunch of easy Kalimba tabs and chords which you can master effortlessly within minutes. The chords can be played without any difficulty and even intermediate and advanced tabs have been covered here, so that the skilled players can harp on them. The melodies are from various decades- so if you want to go on a trip with nostalgia or keep track with the latest trends, we are right here for you. Enjoy a musical evening with your Kalimba and let everyone go gaga on your talent.