(3 Methods) How to Create Kalimba Tabs (Notation/Tablature)

Music has a therapeutic charm. It has that magical powers to relieve you from all your stress and tensions and help you release your inner woes and anxiety. Music is love. It is a bliss. Indeed, blessed are those who are involved into music and are musicians themselves. And then come those kind souls who spread the joy of music by sharing the chords and tabs and notes of the various musical pieces so that more and more people can learn them and more and more people can play them and unfurl more and more happiness all around us. Now, if you too are one of such kind souls thinking about how to create the tabs and chords of that mesmerizing soulful rendition that can be played on the exotic Kalimba then you have come at the absolutely correct destination. Because here we will be talking about how to create kalimba tabs and notes. We will cover all the three basic ways with different proficiency level in which you can create the Kalimba chords.

Writing musical notations for various musical instruments can be tedious and simple at the same time. It all depends on the methods that you choose for writing. Here are some of the techniques in which you can create the Kalimba tabs for any soulful rendition you want. They are:

Writing Notes in Notepad (for Beginners)

This the most widely used method for creating notes and tabs for Kalimba. Being the easiest process, anyone can create the Kalimba tabs by manually writing it on Google sheets or other editors like Notepads, MS-Word etc.

Firstly, using the normal letter or number notation style, the Kalimba tabs have to penned down manually in the editor software of your choice as mentioned above. By listening to the musical pieces just put down the notes accordingly in the C, D, E, F, G, A, B format or the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 format-whichever is suitable for you. And lo, presto! Your Kalimba musical sheet is ready.

This manual writing method on editors is very elementary and convenient to read. The beginners and the amateurs can decipher the tabs in a jiffy and can create them in seconds too. Also, this method of Kalimba tabs creation is the most opted way and is employed by the majority of the Kalimba players both online and offline if they want to share the tabs of any melody. This process is again universal and common to all instruments as their chords can also be penned down in this similar way.

Ktabs Tablature (for Intermediate Players)

It is not mandatory to learn stave notes for creating musical tabs. For creating some Kalimba tabs you can now use a simple software to generate the Kalimba tabs for the song that you love. And to do that download the Kalimba Tablature Software made and designed by Mark Holdaway.

After downloading it, you will find links and options which will direct you to a tab where you can create the Kalimba notes of your song within minutes. Quite a user-friendly software, Ktabs allows you to do a lot of things like access to the free musical files, instructional files and play the tabs online. A tutorial is also available on the software which will guide you step-by-step on how to create these Kalimba tabs.

Ktabs is dedicated only to the creation of Kalimba tabs. This is comparatively a little tough method but easier than the typical sheet music option. This is because you need to have a medium knowledge about the Kalimba tabs in order to create them. However, the benefit of using this software is, the tabs are created within a blink of an eye, and the process is quite hassle-free.

Typical Sheet Music (for Experts)

This method is universal for all the instruments. However, it is a really tough process and musicians with greater adroitness and skills usually prefer creating tabs this way. If you are an expert too, what you can do is get some staff sheets printed first. You can draw them too, but that would be a bit time consuming. Musical sheets are available online and in offline music stores as well.

After you get the sheets, mark the treble and bass clefs accordingly. Then start writing the time signature that will signify the value of the beats present in each measure. After that the key signature has to be penned down so that the dynamics of the song is properly understood. Once done, then put down and express the tabs in the stave notations of the song that you want. Your musical sheet for the Kalimba is thus ready now.

The reason that this method is only used by the proficient and skilled players is that a thorough knowledge of the classical and stave notations is required and that is quite intricate and tough. This method is used for creating the notes of every musical instrument. Beethoven and Mozart’s symphonies are written in this style.

So, you must have by now got a fair idea of the method you want to proceed with to share and create the Kalimba tabs of your all-time favourite musical symphonies. All the given methods are convenient to use, they are just dependent on the knowledge and the skill of the player. Without any further delay, go and check these basic Kalimba tab and chords creating procedures out right now and start writing down the Kalimba notations of your next masterpiece to-be. Have a happy creation time!