How to Make Money with Your Kalimba

Make Money with your Kalimba Online- DIYs, Tricks and Tips

Money, money, money, Sweeter than honey! Don’t we all agree to this? Money is like a sweet elixir that has captivated the entire mankind in its charms. Today’s world knows nothing except money. The more money you have, the more friends and people in your life. However, earning money is a Herculean task especially nowadays. But worry not, because we will now reveal to you a secret that is bound to make you excited. While we all know how gruelling it can be to earn money, yet you can make money within minutes by pursuing your hobby and utilizing it. Now, you must be wondering how to do so, right? Well, if you are a musician and are a Kalimba person- your Kalimba will bring loads of bucks to you.

Sounds crazy, isn’t it? But yes, its true and we will now tell you how to do so. Following are some of the creative and fun ways in which you can adorn and play with your Kalimba and earn lots and lots:

1. Be a YouTuber and post videos in your channel

So, as we feel, you must be a wonderful Kalimba player playing all those wonderful melodies and impressing your loved ones. Then, why keep it caged when the biggest online platform-YouTube is there to let you fly and explore beyond the horizon. You can now create your very own YouTube channel in two minutes and publish those splendid covers & kalimba tabs videos thus mesmerizing the entire world. And more the views, the more money you earn. Don’t wait up or hesitate now. Just open your channel and let the whole global community witness your adept skills and versatility.

2. Create a blog about Kalimba (Start Here)

Did you know that blogging is a very creative and good way of earning some money? If you got the Wordsworth in you, it’s the right time to bring him out. Penning down all the tips and tricks and updates about this exotic Thumb Piano on your own blogging page will now help you earn some bucks. The more the readers of your blog, the more you earn. So come on, just start writing everything about your beloved musical instrument.

3. Start Your Own Online Kalimba Coaching Classes

This is one of the easiest and fastest way of earning money with your favorite exotic instrument. You can now conduct online classes and tutorials and teach this mellifluous instrument. Unlike guitars and pianos, finding a Kalimba teacher is a bit tedious since this instrument is now slowly making its place among the rest. As it is being explored more and more in recent times, now is the right time to flaunt your skills and train the others and earn money with your comprehensive and detailed online tutorials and coaching classes.

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Sell your Kalimba gigs on Fiverr

If you are unaware of Fiverr, well this is one of the best online platforms to earn quick and easy money. Here you can create your own gigs and sell them online for a nice price. A gig on Fiverr means the service you offer in lieu of money. Thus, if you sell your Kalimba playing gigs and everything related to this wonderful instrument you will earn a lot of money in no time. Don’t dilly-dally and start selling your innovative gigs on Fiverr right now.

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5. Sell Kalimba Music Sheets and Tabs Online

Did you know, that you can sell music sheets for a handsome price online? As the popularity of the Kalimba is increasing at a steady rate, the demand of its tabs and chords are also on the rise. And now is the best time to earn money from this. So, all of you who are adroit with this mellifluent plucked idiophone, create those elementary and simple musical sheets with the easy Kalimba tabs of the popular chartbusters and sell them online to earn some more.

6. Become a Kalimba Seller

For all those budding entrepreneurs who love to take risks and challenges in business endeavours, this is the perfect opportunity for you to show your enterprising skills. By creating your own start-up, you can sell Kalimbas now online and earn in thousands. With a good turn-over and profit margin, your business can flourish in no time with you sitting and working from home itself. So, give it a thought and create your own Kalimba store and we assure you, we will definitely be your loyal customer!

In case, you have a business idea to collab! we are open for it.

7. Put Some Awesome Snaps of Your Kalimba on Sale Online

A call to all the dexterous photographers out there. While you click breath-taking pictures of the beautiful sceneries and landscapes or of the pretty faces around you, or of the big blue sky above or the diverse flora and fauna, now, you can click and sell some really stunning photos of your Kalimba online. Good clicks are always in demand, and if you can snap some awesome photos of this harmonious Thumb Piano, you can easily earn a decent amount by doing those things that you love the most! Come on now, take out your cameras and have a happy photo session!

A few popular website we know:

  1. ShutterStock
  2. Getty
  3. iStock
  4. Adobe Stock
  5. Alamy

8. Put your videos on sale to YouTubers and Stock Video Websites.

Well, demand for good and quality things has always been on the rise since time immemorial. Be it a nice dress or some excellent home décor item, fine items are always craved by all. And when it comes to music, all of us know, that people are yearning to watch entertaining and interesting videos of anything and everything. So, you too should definitely create your own intriguing and splendid videos and sell them to either YouTubers or other Stock Video Websites to earn a huge sum. Many Youtubers use videos to play in background so they are always in hunt for good videos.

9. Make and Sell Kalimba Stickers Online

Who doesn’t like to decorate and furnish one’s own belongings? Be it the back screen of your car, or the barren wall, or the laptop, or your Kalimba tines, there is always a sweet craving and room for adorning your beloved things with stickers and decals. And as this yearning never ceases, those of you who are talented and versatile artists can now make use of this lovely opportunity. Start creating and selling customised Kalimba stickers online and mint money steadily. We have seen many such posts in kalimba Facebook groups where people are selling customized stickers for kalimba tines.

10. Sell Beautiful Knitted Bags and Cases for Kalimba Online

Attention craftsmen! Those of you with beguiling and outstanding knitting skills, a lucrative offer lies ahead of you. As musicians are always on guard, trying to shield their best friends from any rough wear and tear, instrument covers and bags are that’s why always the need of the day. So, if you want to earn a good amount by doing what you love the most- that is knitting in this case, show your deftness and creativity and you can sell exceptional and beautiful Kalimba bags, cases and covers. As there is a low competition in this arena currently, go for it now and earn thousands of money in a jiffy. You could easily sell it on Amazon and Ebay.

11. Make Kalimba Song Covers and Sell them Online

Famous music bands and popular Youtubers are always on a hunt for song covers. Did you know that? If no, then let us inform you that Youtubers and musicians love to collect covers of their songs on various instruments or vocals. By this, they also look for talented musicians to offer them a big break. So, you can try out this method and sell your beloved song covers on the Kalimba to the various Youtubers and music bands in return for a good amount. By this, you can earn loads easily and who knows, you can be the next big thing and get the “big break” for your euphonious song cover on this unusual Kalimba.

I have seen many people have done collaboration with the Ukulele players.

12. Paint Kalimbas & Be an Inspiration or Get Paid for it!

Most of you have a bit of the Da Vince in you, isn’t it? Those paint brushes and the canvas really make your heart go wild, causing it to beat even more faster. Indeed, this world is looking for such creative artists like you and the best thing is you will get paid for it as well. Unbelievable right? Now, you must be thinking how to go about it? Its just very simple. Paint and show your creativity on your Kalimba and put it online. Then as your artwork gets viral for sure, inspire others and take orders from them to paint and beautify their Kalimbas as well. This will not only earn you lots of money but also you will get a huge popularity as Kalimba painters are a bit rare to find. So, pick up your brushes right now and start painting and earning.

Tip: You can also start your Youtube channel to inspire others as many people love to see the beautiful Kalimbas.

13. Collab with Musical Companies and Get Paid for Suggesting their Instruments

All of us are confused souls. We often can’t decide which thing to choose in most of the cases. Be it at the restaurant or at the shopping mall, our minds are always filled with a plethora of questions. So, while selecting and picking up musical instruments, all of us are sure to face some doubts. Now, what you can do is, you can suggest and educate people about the Kalimba and earn money from it. And as the question arises in your mind, how to do it, well, it’s quite easy. If you are already a teacher and have a pretty good user base, what you can do is get into paid promotions and partnerships with reputed musical companies. By this you can suggest the Kalimbas from their companies and earn a fat commission from there. Tempting, isn’t it? So, don’t think much and go for it.

We are also in association with a few big companies and we get around 8% – 20% comission. (We promote it through a different blog. Start your blog and start writing reviews)

14. Collab with us

Yes, you read that right! You can now earn money by sitting at home only if you choose to volunteer and partner with us. We have a lot of irresistible and intriguing deals and we can help you earn fast cash within days. Without any hassle, without any demands and without any clauses- you won’t find a golden opportunity like this anywhere else. Come and be with us and earn lots without toiling much.

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15. Content Writing for Music Blogs

Their are many big website who are in need on content like us!

These are the fifteen easy ways to earn lots of money with your sweet little Kalimba. Often, we are surrounded with valuable gifts around us whose worth go unnoticed as most of the times we are not aware about their uses and advantages. But the human brain is the most complex and yet creative creature in the world. From dust it can bring to life anything it wants and with the advent of internet, there is nothing which is impossible. As most of us were not acquainted with the connection between the Kalimba and money, we are here at your service to update you about all those unique tricks you can do to earn money and at the same time be with your dear most friend. So, go ahead and try these fourteen methods and earn lots and lots with the help of your Thumb Piano. And yes, you are definitely going to thank us later for this!

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