Game: Morrowind Theme Kalimba Tabs & Chords | The Elder Scrolls III

Gaming is loved by everyone at every age. One of the best ways of passing time, gaming keeps you totally engrossed and involved. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is one of such Xbox games which will keep you addicted to it indefinitely. So here we present to you the Morrowind Theme music Kalimba tabs and chords. The tabs provided here are in the letter and number notes format. Like the Avengers Theme Kalimba Tabs, Bubblegum KK Kalimba Tabs and Swan Lake Theme music Kalimba Tabs, this song’s tabs are also very simple and easy and can be played fluently by the beginners as well.

Morrowind Theme Kalimba Tabs & Chords

A B C°
C° D° E°
E° G° D°
E° D° C° B A

A B C°
C° D° E°
E° G° A°
G° B° A°

A° B° C°°
B° A° G° F° E°
D° C° E° D°
C° B° A

Morrowind Theme Kalimba Numbered Tabs & Chords

6 7 1°
1° 2° 3°
3° 5° 2°
3° 2° 1° 7 6

6 7 1°
1° 2° 3°
3° 5° 6°
5° 7° 6°

6° 7° 1°°
7° 6° 5° 4° 3°
2° 1° 3° 2°
1° 7° 6

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Morrowind Kalimba Chords & Notes | The Elder Scrolls III

Know More: The Morrowind theme music is a soulful rendition which has a philharmonic vibe about it. Composed by the maestro Jeremy Soule, this melody has been written by Douglas Goodall, Mark E. Nelson and Ken Rolston and has been performed by the mellifluent Matthew Carofano and Christiane H. K. Meister. With a lot of crests and troughs, the melody runs on keeping us all spellbound. The music is grand and splendid and the tune is a mixture of some soothing at the same time exciting beats. There is a medieval European musical feel about it and this track is nothing less than a timeless masterpiece. The melody will definitely keep you hooked onto it for time immemorial.

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Game Name: The Elder Scrolls III (Morrowind)