The Season of Us Kalimba Tabs | Crash Landing on You – OST

Music has no language or boundaries. It is an emotion that transcends everything and unites everyone together. And when it comes to Korean music, nothing can surpass their charms. BTS, Victon and many other K-Pop bands have gifted us with the greatest hits. So here we present to you The Season of Us Kalimba tabs from the movie Crash Landing on You. The tabs provided here are in the letter notes format. Like the GOT Theme music Kalimba Tabs, You’re still the one Kalimba Tabs and All of Me Kalimba Tabs, this song’s tabs are also very simple and easy and can be played fluently by the beginners as well.

The Season of Us Kalimba Number Notes

1° 1° 2° 3°
2° 1° 6 1° 2° 5
3° 5° 6° 3°
2° 1° 6 5 1°

1°-5 2° 3°-1°-6
2° 1° 4-6 1° 2° 3-5
3°-1°-6 5° 6° 3°-1°-4
2° 1° 4-6 3-5 1°-1-3-5

The Season of Us Kalimba Letters Notes

C° C° D° E°
D° C° A C° D° G
E° G° A° E°
D° C° A G C°

C°-G D° E°-C°-A
D° C° F-A C° D° E-G
E°-C°-A G° A° E°-C°-F
D° C° F-A E-G C°-C-E-G

Tutorial Video

Crash On You Landing OST – The Season Of Us Kalimba Chords Tutorial

Know More: The Season of Us is an instrumental musical piece that is just soothing and blissful to hear. The melody uses the various exotic orchestral instruments and is nothing but refreshing to the ears. The melody has been performed in the film by Nam Hye Seung and Park Sang Hee. This soulful rendition is nothing but mesmerising as the music glides on gently and softly. There are a few crests and troughs in the aria and that makes the song even more endearing. The film Crash Landing on You is a delight to watch and is a very beautiful romantic film. The track harmonises well with the pensive and solitary mood.

Song Credits

Song: 너와 나의 그 계절 The Season of Us
Artist: 남혜승 Nam Hye Seung, 박상희 Park Sang Hee
Album: 사랑의 불시착 Crash Landing on You OST
Releasing Year: 2020
Language: Korean